Lovely Louis (& Marlon)

Lovely Louis (& Marlon)
4 March 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

Just a quick update on not so little Louis (black and white) now! He’s grown a lot and he and Marlon (black – was adopted in 2008) are now best friends and play, curl up together and even wash each other’s faces. They are pretty much inseparable now.

Marlon is much happier having a partner in crime too – they got a cat gym for Christmas so they are enjoying climbing, scratching to their hearts’ content, and curl up in one of the many cubby holes it has.

Louis is getting used to being stroked and has a lovely purr but he’s not turned into a lap cat yet – but give him a bit more time and who knows. He still loves his food and he’s discovered what cat treats are now – although they don’t get them too often.

They are both such lovely boys and get on like a house on fire, although today they wanted to pose separately – it’s an attention thing! Thank you so much.

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