Tilly & Theo

Tilly & Theo
22 April 2010 Aime Cox-Tennant

I thought I’d mail a quick update on Theo (long haired boy previously Thistle) and Tilly (short haired girl previously Tansy). And send some photos to show how well they’ve settled in.

I’ve only had them 2 months but they’ve settled in so well and have completely taken over my life! I love them both to pieces. They’re brother and sister but don’t get on particularly well.

Tilly is a little Princess, she lives in a world of her own, not demanding much attention and is a very happy little cat. Her favourite place is right under a radiator.

She won’t eat anything but cat food, even turns her nose up at freshly cooked chicken! Theo is an absolute sweetie, he wants cuddling ALL of the time.

He’s not the brightest of boys, keeps getting himself locked in the bedroom and can’t work out how to get the door open, and he got stuck on the garage roof one day. I call him my Special Cat. They charge around the house fighting and have separate corners of the bed at night.

But the minute I wake up in the morning Theo is up on my pillow demanding his breakfast. He seems to be constantly hungry. They both follow me around the house like dogs, if I’m upstairs one or both of them is usually hovering in the doorway.

They’re slowly getting used to going outside, Theo loved playing in the snow. I don’t think they’ve quite sussed out the fish pond yet – long may that continue! I’m so glad I adopted them both, I just hope someone adopts Tulip their friend soon.

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