Entertaining Mi- Mi (was Mia)

Entertaining Mi- Mi (was Mia)
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

Thank you so much for introducing us to our cat Mi- Mi (formerly Mia). She has now been with us for a year and is 3 years old.

Her owner had died and then she had been placed with a family that had another cat that bullied her. So being finally in a settled home where she is the only much loved cat has suited her just fine.

She continues to entertain us and remains in fine energetic form. She is a great character and retains some playful kitten behaviour.

She loves to show off by streaking across the lawn and straight up the silver birch tree (that has no branches except at the top) at great speed. She holds her own well with the other local cats. Like most cats, she can make herself comfortable in all sorts of places.

She converses with us with a wonderful “prrreup” sound. She loves company, is gentle and affectionate, and likes to spend part of the evening on my lap.

Many thanks to Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue for the great work you do in rehoming cats in such a good way.

The system of foster homes, descriptions of the cat’s history, character and needs, and the photos help this process. As others have commented, the photo and description of Mia helped us decide she was the right cat for us.

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