Pebbles in a Plant Pot

Pebbles in a Plant Pot
3 July 2011 Aime Cox-Tennant

To say Pebbles has made herself at home is an understatement. She is the most loving little thing in the world.

As soon as I got her home she was out the carrier busy exploring and came to me for attention and cuddles. For the first week she slept on my bed and she is so affectionate that she would knead me and lick my face until I was asleep.

I have now got her sleeping in the kitchen with her three beds and all her toys as I needed to be able to sleep without being washed!

Each morning when I come down the stairs and say her name she meows back and comes bounding out the kitchen to have a cuddle and demand breakfast so she is quite happy.

When I come in from being anywhere she is generally sunbathing upstairs and if I call her she will come running down the stairs as quick as her little legs will carry her.

As I type to you she is curled up next to me fast asleep very content, which is lovely. She has made losing Bella a bit easier.

I still see Bella around the house but I know Bella would want me to be happy. It still hurts knowing I lost Bella so young but my little Pebbles is the best tonic she is so full of mischief and life you just can’t help but smile with her around.

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