Crazy Suki

Crazy Suki
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

We have had Suki for nearly 3 months now and they have been great. On New Year’s Eve we lost our beloved cat, who I had known my entire life – so losing her, then eventually adopting a new cat, was a difficult thing to get used to.

Suki is a very loving, yet crazy cat. She has a cute kitten meow and is constantly bounding around the house playfully, then calming down for a cuddle on your lap.

When we first got her she had to wear a cone on her neck due to her scratching at herself constantly, but now the skin condition is being controlled with tablets.

Her foster family found it very hard to part with her and I can see why! Thank you Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue for bringing Suki into our lives!

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