Playful Emily (was Princess)

Playful Emily (was Princess)
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

After visiting the Clifton High Summer Fair, Emily (Princess) chose my son and husband whilst I was helping on one of the stalls! She wouldn’t come out of my son’s hoodie.

One week later we collected her. Since that day she has been the boss. Tilly, our British Blue tolerates Emily’s playfulness, but is aloof with her and finds it best to ignore Emily’s immature behaviour!

Emily is a lovely kitten (now 7 months old); she loves to cuddle up, she is good natured and playful…but doesn’t like to be alone and is very vocal if she isn’t in the same room as the rest of the family.

We no longer need an alarm clock; every morning at 6:30 she meows until one of us gets up and lets her out of the kitchen, where she races me back up the stairs to beat me to the warm bed I have just left. This is the point where she licks my husband’s face until he wakes up and gives her some attention.

She has made very good friends with all our neighbours and makes herself very much at home with them. She has a very strong personality and is fantastic company – even if she is constantly getting herself in trouble.

Thank you once again – she is just lovely.

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