Gorgeous Luther & Lexi (were Lester & Lucy)

Gorgeous Luther & Lexi (were Lester & Lucy)
4 June 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

We waited until they were nearly a year for the update but thought it was about time we let you know how our not so little babies are now doing!

We fostered a friend’s ginger tom, Custard, at nine months old, after they emigrated to sunnier climes. He settled in well and after a few scrapes with some of the neighbourhood cats, found his place. Then last summer we decided it might be nice for him to have a playmate – i.e. we wanted another kitten!

Off we went to see Tracey in Backwell, with the intention of choosing a girl to come and be Custard’s new friend! As we walked through the door, this gorgeous black kitten made straight for us. It turned out he was a boy and his sister was the one we went to see… long story short, we left with two new babies! Previously Lester and Lucy, we re-named them Luther and Lexi.

A very nervous Custard was introduced the same evening; it didn’t go well! In fact, at one point I wasn’t sure they were ever going to be friends, and guilt set in that I had ruined poor Custard’s home!

Needless to say, we persevered and now have a wonderful three cat family; they often go out to play all together and can be found curled up on our bed together. Hearing them thunder around the house in the evening, you’d think we had elephants…

Anyway, just wanted to pass on our happy ending. We love and adore all three and wouldn’t be without them now. Thank you for the care you give these wonderful creatures until they can be adopted… if I had a bigger house I’d be back for more!

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