Ben & Jerry

Ben & Jerry
1 October 2010 Aime Cox-Tennant

Finally got around to letting you know about Ben and Jerry, adopted in July this year.

We had previously seen some oriental kittens but felt they were just a bit timid for a home with two robust boys, and the charity were very understanding when we felt they weren’t right for us. We really just wanted ‘moggies’!

Ben and Jerry came from the Tinker, Mischief, Rascal and Ruffian litters – I say litters as it was a surprise to find out that Ben and Jerry weren’t from the same litter as Ben was 2 weeks older – they had different mums from the same household!

Ben (grey and white) was cuddly and brave from the start, whilst Jerry (tabby) took a while to come around, but what a change!

Jerry is now a real lap cat and follows us everywhere, whereas Ben loves cuddles but doesn’t settle on laps for long. In the first few weeks you could set your watch by their ‘crazy hour’ at 10pm every night, just when we were thinking about bed-time (I see from Bella’s story that her and Jerry are indeed siblings!).

Very entertaining watching Jerry hanging by one paw from our open plan stairs then watching Ben nip at his paw – luckily only 5 stairs up!! We soon got their jabs so they could let off steam outdoors and they love the garden and the fields behind.

They’re both so different in looks and character but fantastic in their own ways – thanks so much to the charity for letting us have our lovely kittens x

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