Happy Tail: Biffa & Boffa

Happy Tail: Biffa & Boffa
20 December 2008 Aime Cox-Tennant

Buster and Boomer, from Wales, changed to Biffa and Boffa once they crossed the bridge to Bristol. They cried all the way from their carers to our house, climbed out their basket and within a few hours were happy to play with us.

They slept okay at night and very soon felt like they’d been part of our family for ages. Hundreds of photos have been taken over the past 10 weeks, they play in the garden, climb trees, love watching the shower and run around the house jumping on everything, including us.

They love the computer and moving images. It’s impossible trying to discipline them as they look so lovely and when they want to stop often sit on the stairs – looking like cats on a naughty step.

The vet really likes them, good job when Biffa was poisoned, probably from eating a plant in the garden and became very quickly very ill, as his mum, I stayed up all night and was so relieved when after 12 hours he stood up and walked – phew.

Like children, within a further 24 hours he was running around causing chaos. Despite being brothers they have their own personalities, Biffa loves having his tummy rubbed and being cuddled by anyone.

When Boffa is picked up his right ear goes back, and he prefers to make you wait until he wants to be cuddled. Boffa eats for England and Biffa is more fussy.

We have so much admiration for all the volunteers at the Bristol and Wales cat rescue for their hard work and love of felines and thank them so much for our boys.

Happy Christmas and New Year wishes for more decent cat owners in this world.

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