Holly & Titch

Holly & Titch
29 December 2008 Aime Cox-Tennant

Holly has been having great fun with the younger kitten that we also inherited on xmas eve.

Both are doing really well and are fun to watch, they have adapted to the house by boxing day and were at first a bit off with each other but is now proving to be more larking around than growling and hissing of the past.

Although one is younger we give them both the same attention and treat them both the same, they have toys and a three tier climbing, scratch pole type thing?

They seem to be enjoying every minute of each others company, we have called the small kitten from Southmead “Titch” and of course we have “Holly” that loves the attention and that she gets alright.

Thanks again for the opportunity to give Holly the best in her life and along with Titch they seem well matched for each other. Keep you posted. Happy new year.

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