Julie Queen of the Garden

Julie Queen of the Garden
2 January 2009 Aime Cox-Tennant

Happy 2009! Sorry it’s late but here’s a quick update on Julie. She stayed a ‘julie’ as her name seems to suit her and nobody could think of anything better (must have been a good choice)! She has settled in incredibly well.

She has now had all of her jabs and even charmed the vet with her affection. Using the cat flap has been an experience because she doesn’t like the noise of the electronic lock (so a run up is required).

Outside she is the queen of the garden although her time in the cold weather is in short bursts. She has charmed everyone who comes to visit and whittles the hours away by sitting on any lap that she can find and staying there!

We are so glad that we adopted her and we are thankful for the training that the cat rescue foster families provided. Life before Julie seems so many years ago.

Thank you and we hope to keep in touch.

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