Piper & Pixie (were Monty & Fiona)

Piper & Pixie (were Monty & Fiona)
3 April 2011 Aime Cox-Tennant

We have all moved to one of the National Trust cottages at Blaise Hamlet; they have settled in fantastically and have been going out for the past two to three months.

It is such a pleasure to have them around although Piper (bottom picture) has turned into a bit of a hunter and has just started bringing me mice and frogs as presents. He has even chased the local fox out of our garden! They are both so loving.

Pixie (top picture) loves to cuddle up under the bed covers at night and Piper collapses on the floor and shows his tummy asking for lots of strokes every time I walk past him. Every morning we all wake up on my bed and have to have a cuddle before I get up.

They are such lovely company.

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