Leonora Molly

Leonora Molly
16 May 2011 Aime Cox-Tennant

At first Molly was very shy and spent most of the first week finding sofas, beds, and bookcases to hide under (except at meal times!), but then she got used to us. My daughter thought Molly was too small a name for such a fine cat so she is now officially “Leonora Molly”, which is fine because like many cats she answers to no name really.

Now that she is fully vaccinated she is coming to terms with going out and has made it more than 10 feet from our garden. She still runs indoors like a shot if anything startles her, so no fears of running off. Indoors she loves a good fuss, playing with a long length of string or ‘chasing’ anything off my desk. Whenever we come in the door there is the essential five-minute cuddle before she will even think of eating or going out, quite a fusspot really.

Sadly the cat flap remains a mystery to her so we are constantly on ‘door duty’ as, being a cat, she hates the things! Molly does love being in any room you are in and finds the computer a challenge so whenever I sit down to work she wants to sit on my lap, just in front of the keyboard…

All in all she is a very contented cat and as happy with her new home as we are with her. Many thanks for letting us adopt her, we hope for many happy years together.

The Stewart family.

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