Muskovo & Todd – Now Alfie & Murphy!

Muskovo & Todd – Now Alfie & Murphy!
17 January 2009 Aime Cox-Tennant

Time has flown since I adopted two of your cats and thought it about time i gave you an update on their progress. In August I took on Muskovo and Todd (also known as Tiddles), now renamed Alfie and Murphy.

Both are very well and happy. Murphy was a very outgoing little kitten and has brought out the personality in Alfie brilliantly.

He quickly went from hiding in the kitchen in the corner to running up and down the stairs with Murphy and participating together in a spot of bird watching through the patio doors.

Alfie is now like a dad to Murphy which worked out extremely well. I am so glad I took them on, its been very rewarding.

Since losing my lifetime best friend in a cat at Christmas in 2007 I never thought I would want another, but I definitely made the right decision coming to you for another friend. I think I will always adopt a cat from a rescue centre.

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