Hyper Maggie (was Socks)

Hyper Maggie (was Socks)
21 January 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

I have been meaning to email you for a while now to let you know how Socks (now called Maggie) is getting on.

We picked her up from her lovely foster family in Filton Park on 9 July, when Maggie was 8 weeks old. We introduced her to our old boy cat Salem (aged 14) that evening. Salem didn’t bat an eyelid, but Maggie was nervous of this huge black beast! It only took her a few days to get used to him, and it has been true love ever since!

They get along really well together – the only times issues arise are when Maggie is in hyper-mode and Salem wants to sleep, but Maggie is very easily distracted and soon leaves Salem alone if you throw a ball or rattle a toy.

To anyone out there with an older single cat who is putting off getting a kitten because they think their elder cat won’t like it, I would say don’t be afraid. Salem has been given a new lease of life now he has some company, and someone to help him patrol his garden!

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