Happy Mr Jinx (was Pip)

Happy Mr Jinx (was Pip)
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

When he was 4 weeks old Pip couldn’t keep anything down and we thought we would lose him. Well, you would never know it to look at him now!

Mr Jinx has been with us now for 2 weeks but it feels like he’s been here forever. After a very shaky start in life, he is now weighing in at 2kg and gaining weight steadily. The vet is very pleased with his progress and he has already had his first flu jab (without a whimper).

He has made friends with Juliet our 8 year old family retainer and they regularly take turns playing chase, thundering around the house at 5am!

He is a happy cat who loves to purr loudly whenever he is touched. Like a mischievous child, he is into everything though and on occasions has got himself tangled up in the window blinds, squeaking to cry for help – as his voice has yet to break, the meow hasn’t yet developed!

He seems very happy here and, more importantly, Juliet seems to have accepted the boy and has reluctantly accepted that her peace and quiet has evaporated for the foreseeable future. At least she has company now.

Very well done with the excellent work you are doing.

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