Energetic Sansa

Energetic Sansa
1 June 2015 Aime Cox-Tennant

I wanted to give an update on Beau (now Sansa). She’s still a little sweetie, and still quite timid. She loves to eat and comes to find us whenever we are in the kitchen – she steals Gwen’s food when she’s not looking, and is always looking to try what we’re eating! She’s still tiny though, so she must have hollow legs 🙂

She likes a cuddle now and then, but she has to come to us rather than us to her. She adores the garden and can nearly always be found there (or sleeping on her tower). She loves chasing bees and chirping at the birds, she has a crazy amount of energy 🙂

She’s absolutely gorgeous, and makes the loveliest noises when she’s excited. We love her to bits. Thank you so much and keep up the brilliant work.

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