Relaxed Harvey (was Jimbo)

Relaxed Harvey (was Jimbo)
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

Harvey has really settled in well and loves lolling around. He and Rosie play together and chase each other around the house. Harvey seems to have the upper ‘paw’ but when his head is turned, Rosie will give him a good bat round the ear!

They now seem really relaxed with each other and will eat from the same plate and give each other furry kisses. They are such good fun and Rosie seems to love having her new furry friend to play with.

Harvey is happy going out and uses the cat flap, as well as any available open window to come in and out. He has had his vaccinations and the vet says he is fit and healthy.

We have noticed that he seems to be a bit of a musical cat and hangs around when either I am playing my flute or Jules is playing his guitar or violin. He also has a hearty appetite!

We are very happy with Harvey. Thanks once again for your help in finding a lovely companion for Rosie.

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