Energetic Red & Laid-Back Marley

Energetic Red & Laid-Back Marley
1 January 2015 Aime Cox-Tennant

Here’s a photo of Red with Marley.

They’re both kittens at heart taking every opportunity to relive the kitten-hood they never had before they were rescued.

Marley has really filled out now and, although still a little jumpy, he is a very laid-back happy cat and loves to lie in front of the fire after pulling a few baubles from the Christmas tree.

Red (or Nellie as we now call her because she sounds like an elephant running around the landing) is such a kitten and copies Marley. She has endless energy and is always in such a hurry! When her batteries finally run down she’ll go and cuddle up to Marley, (or climb on top of him), especially when she feels cold.

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