Echo (was Snowdrop)

Echo (was Snowdrop)
30 July 2010 Aime Cox-Tennant

Remember Snowdrop? I thought you might like to know how she’s getting on! We dithered for ages over whether to change her name, and in the end we decided to call her Echo.

She seemed to settle in quite quickly and seemed quite chuffed with her new home. I still haven’t worked her out completely as she’s a strange little thing, most definitely in a world of her own, but very lovely. At first she was dainty and tiny, but now she’s a clodhopping pot-bellied little ball of fuzz!

She’s very vocal – I’ve worked out what the soft little “graht!” means (“ooh! food! how exciting!”) and “vrvrvrvrvrvrt!” (“coming through!”) and also “BMBMBMRRR!!” (“HERE I AM!”). I’m still working on deciphering “mrrraaoooooggrrrvvtt” which seems to come out of nowhere.

We are enjoying getting to know her very much! I’m wondering if she’s got some Turkish Van in her ancestry somewhere, she is so unbelievably soft, has such a broad chest and such HUGE feet!! Although she’s not been in the pond yet, she’s not phased by water at all – last week I accidentally watered her with the watering can and she didn’t even flinch.

She’s quite shy around those she doesn’t know – in her third week she had a bit of a panic about next door’s dog which set her confidence back a bit – so doesn’t like to be outside if we’re not with her, but she acts as our little sentry and sits on the doorstep keeping an eye out for intruders.

She’s very sociable and while not a cuddly cat (yet), she likes to come and see what’s going on – she sticks her nose into everything and likes to help with the weeding. She’s worked out her favourite places to snooze, and generally appears on the bed at some point in the middle of the night.

You have to be careful not to sit on her – because she’s so white, and so are the bedclothes, you can’t see her in the dark unless her eyes are open!! She’s rubbish at hunting because all the mice and things can see her coming a mile off – but so far she’s caught two elephant hawk moths (probably attracted to her brightness!), and crashed in through the livingroom window with them in her mouth while we were watching telly. They were still alive and proceeded to flutter all over the room…and I HATE moths!

Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to give her a forever-home, she’s a cracking little girl and it’s great having another little companion!

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