Clambering Sox & Cuddly Charlie

Clambering Sox & Cuddly Charlie
12 September 2014 Aime Cox-Tennant

Hello all at BWCR,

I thought I would send you a few photos of our little boys, they love nothing better than curling upon the front door mat together and playing with each other and generally fussing each other, they are such great additions to our family we wouldn’t know where we would be without them!

Charlie is more a Mummy’s boy and curls up on my lap at night and Sox is a Daddy’s boy using John as a climbing frame most nights!! Both start their engines at silly o’clock in the morning but this just makes us smile as we know they have settled in well and enjoy being with us!

Thank you so much for giving us these two cuties.

John & Sam (Sox & Charlie miaow!!)

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