Affectionate Freya

Affectionate Freya
4 October 2014 Aime Cox-Tennant

Despite an initial couple of days of hiding behind the sofas, Freya has proven to be a very confident kitty, who loves nothing more than to play with the laser pointer or her catnip mouse.

We recently started to let her out of the flat and after some hilarious encounters with the cat flap she is now in and out at all times of day.

She always runs to greet my partner and I with a loud chirrup or meow when we come home and becomes incredibly affectionate and purry when we are in the bathroom or when my partner is at his computer desk.

She is not quite a lap cat yet, but its early days. She has graced with a cuddle or two while we have been in bed.¬†Freya is quite simply the centre of our universe and we now can’t imagine life without her.

Thanks to everyone at Bristol & Wales Cat Rescue for helping us through the adoption process.

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