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  • Poppy and Portia

    A retirement home need for two glorious girls 💜
    Poppy and Portia
    These two senior sisters are looking for a home together. Poppy (with the half black, half ginger face and white chest and paws) is the more spirited of the two, she's not afraid to paw at your arm (or face in bed!) and give you some firm head butts to let you know she wants some fuss. She's always gentle though, and has never used claws. She also occasionally enjoys batting at a feather stick. Portia (all tortoiseshell) is a little more reserved, but loves to have behind her ears scratched. She can be a little jumpy, but most of the time is content to snooze the day away.
    Despite their age (13 years) they still sometimes display some of those naughty-tortie tendencies we all know and love – they have left tell-tale pawprints all over our freshly painted kitchen windowsill, and aren't afraid to investigate and help themselves to any tasty human food (or remains on empty plates) that have been left unattended! Oh and drinks glasses will need to be kept out of reach too – Portia has a penchant from sticking her head in them to drink, and they are both experts at knocking things off surfaces that get in their way! Poppy is also a bit pushy and will barge Portia out of the way to help herself to Portia's food once she's finished eating her own, but Portia is very tolerant of her sister's greediness! Both will let you know with loud miaows (or rather squeaks in Portia's case!) when they think it is time for food, including early in the morning!
    They are both quite affectionate cats, and will come and sit on your lap for short amounts of time, but don't tend to settle. They both have their favourite spots to curl up and snooze, and would very much enjoy a safe garden away from busy roads where they could stretch out in the sunshine. Plus a quieter adult-only home.
    Given their age there are a couple of little health issues their new owner will need to be aware of. Portia has arthritis in her back legs which is being managed with medication – its not a problem at all and she takes it quite happily, but means she will need to have regular blood tests (every 3-6 months). Poppy also has some signs of muscle wastage in her back legs – its not really causing her any problems at the moment but the reduced flexibility means that she will benefit from regular brushing, particularly her rear half – it's hard to reach that far to groom when you are an older lady! They have Yumove daily joint supplements added to their food, which definitely seem to help. Portia is also likely to need a dental in the future.
     Both are neutered, chipped and fully up to date with their vaccinations, and come with 5 weeks free insurance. BWCR will cover the cost of the Metacam and blood tests for Portia and her dental work at Fernlea vets in Kingswood or Hanham.
  • Scrumpy

    Scrumpy  - if that isn't short for scrumptious then it should be 💜
    Scrumpy is a handsome 11 year old who is very young at heart - he gets the zoomies late at night and loves chasing paper balls. He's incredibly sweet natured and purrs as soon as I walk into the room or pick him up, and has taken to sleeping on the end of my bed like a guard cat.
    He's recently had dental work and blood tests and the vet said he's is great shape for his age. He does have a flea allergy so needs monthly vet-prescribed flea treatments. Although he's sleek and slim, Scrumps loves his food and has a healthy appetite. A slow feeder or "licky mat" is a good idea to stop him eating too quickly!
    He needs to be the only pet with no young children though older ones should be fine.
    He was found by his original owner as a kitten living stray in the countryside and he often spends time on the windowsill looking out. He would clearly love to bound around outdoors so a garden away from busy roads would be his dream.
    Anyone who gives a home to this gorgeous affectionate boy will be lucky to have him.
    Neutered, chipped,  vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Rupert

    Never let it be said we don't offer a wide variety of cats 😂
    Next is Senor Rupert from Spain 💜
    "He’s a very loving cat.  He likes nothing more than a snooze on your lap and loves all the attention you can give him.  He requires regular brushing and I have cut out the matted parts of fur he previously had.  Occasionally you will need to use some cooled boiled water to clean around his eyes as he sometimes misses his face when grooming and this will cause a build up of sleepies.
     He doesn’t show much interest in wet food but will eat a good bowl of dry food every day.  He is very sedentary so would make a great pet for someone who may be older and wishes for company.  He has not scratched or bitten me or anyone else at all but he is spooked by loud noises so he needs a quieter adult-only home as the only pet.  He originated from Spain and  they performed a vasectomy so although he does still have his 'trouble nuggets' he is infertile!
    He's used to going outside and lived in a rural area so needs a garden away from busy roads and someone prepared to groom him every day".
    5 yrs old, neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

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