Cuddly Smudge & Sparky (were John & Midnight)

Cuddly Smudge & Sparky (were John & Midnight)
2 April 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

I know it’s quite early for an update as I’ve only had the kittens for just over a month but I am so pleased with their progress and wanted to tell you!

Smudge (formerly John) was untouchable when I first got him; Sparky (formerly Midnight) was OK to touch but not keen on being picked up.

They have both turned into very loving, cuddly lap cats and they both try and squeeze on to my lap, and if I’m in bed they will come in and plonk themselves as close to my face as possible. Smudge nudges me with his nose until he can tuck in to my neck. They both watch TV with me and especially love football (which my boyfriend loves and I hate!).

They have had their injections and are awaiting the “op” and microchipping which they will have in a month’s time. They love exploring their new home so I think they will love being able to go out in the garden etc, just in time hopefully for some better weather.

Sparky likes to be picked up and carried around to see everything and Smudge will drop and lie on my feet so I have to stop and give him a stroke. They enjoy playing with their toys, each other, and run around like mad things. Then when they have had enough fun, they will curl up in their bed or on my lap.

Thank you for introducing us, we are the best of friends!

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