Content Suky

Content Suky
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

This is a quick update on Suky who came to live with us in November 2010. We can’t believe how different Suky is now. In the last 6 months particularly she has completely melted.

She now touches nose to nose; allows herself to be picked up to be moved, medicated or simply put out of the way; calmly accepts medicine like eye drops and flea treatments, and doesn’t flee a lap at the slightest sign of movement!

She miaows loudly and purrs almightily for such a very small cat. We are so glad she came to live with us and are so proud of how settled and contented she is.

Only, could you send her a telepathic message explaining that vanilla rooibos tea is NOT for little cats, no matter how milky and delicious it is. I have had to learn not to leave my half-drunk morning cup of tea out all day.

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