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    Cassie is a lovely little cat. She came to us with her two kittens so was a little nervous and protective for the first couple of hours but soon got settled in. She has worked hard raising her gorgeous kittens who have been adopted and now she deserves to be a pampered puss in her own forever home. She is very friendly, she loves being rubbed behind her ears especially, and on her back. Not a lap cat just yet but she likes to snuggle up to you on the sofa or in bed on a lazy morning! She's quite curious, spends most of her day on the windowsill watching birds so she would need a home with a safe garden away from busy roads where she can explore outside. She's quite vocal, with her funny little miaow/chirrup. She does occasionally hiss if you startle her but it's always immediately followed up with an apologetic miaow if you give her a stroke. Although she's very friendly she is easily startled so would need a quieter home with no children or dogs, and she isn't keen on the neighbour's cat so probably needs to be the only cat in the household so she can be spoilt! About 2 years old, soon to be neutered, chipped and have her first vaccination. Comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
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    Our lovely Fern is 9 years old and was adopted a few years ago but sadly, her owners circumstances have changed and she's come back to us. She's a sweet girl, not quite a lap cat but does love a fuss, especially head strokes and tickles under her chin. She enjoys her food too! She's not a needy cat and would suit someone at work all day as she'll happily entertain herself with a potter in a safe garden or a snooze! She does have a flea allergy so needs a monthly vet- prescribed treatment plus she does get stressed by children and other animals and can overgroom so needs a nice, quiet adult-only home this time round. Neutered, chipped plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

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