Tolerant Lucy & Jessie (were Tammy & Tamsin)

Tolerant Lucy & Jessie (were Tammy & Tamsin)
29 January 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

Just a happy update about the ‘naughty tortie’ sisters, Lucy and Jessie, who we adopted from you a few weeks ago, when they were 10 weeks old.

They are very settled, purring around my husband when he comes home, and they have been very tolerant with our 4 year old daughter Poppy.

Initially I joked we needed to install a tannoy system in every room, blasting out the recorded message ‘DO NOT pick the kittens up like that…..’ as we were having to say it on repeat! But Poppy learnt really quickly to handle the kittens gently, and they happily snuggle up in front of CBeebies and play endlessly with her, and with us.

They have bought a lovely new dimension to our family and adopting them has been a really positive experience. Thank you so much to Tracey for fostering them before us.

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