Snoring Simba & Lively Cocoa

Snoring Simba & Lively Cocoa
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

I am thrilled to report that Simba and Cocoa seem to be settling well together – they play with the same toy, eat each other’s food, take it in turns to follow the other around, occasionally stand nose to nose and very, very occasionally have a little hiss at one another.

Simba and Cocoa are now just beginning to explore the garden, under our watchful eyes – again the two take it in turns to be brave.

Cocoa is very chirpy, lively and affectionate – she usually spends a part of the night on my bed.

Oh yes, Simba snores! And he is also remembering how to purr but it takes a while for the snuffles and grunts to warm up the pipes and turn into a purr!

The total abandon Simba goes into after a minute of ear scratching just makes me so happy when I think what a hard life he has had – that he can forgive or trust any human is astonishing to me!

He is such a love, such a dear cat. I love to just listen to him breathe in his funny snuffled way – to see him yawn – and note all his missing teeth – am so happy he could trust in me – my very own OAP (Old Age Pussycat)!

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