Relaxed Milo

Relaxed Milo
5 February 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

We just wanted to let everyone know about Milo. He has settled in really well with our 2 other cats. There was a bit of upset at first but now they all get on (well at least put up with) each other.

Milo is so incredibly relaxed, it is lovely. His favourite pastime is lying on his back upstairs, just waiting for someone to walk past and give him tummy rubs. He is brilliant with our 1-year-old daughter; they seem to have a mutual admiration for each other. Milo is so soft she can fuss and stroke him, even if she is not quite as soft as everyone else!

The vet thinks Milo could well have been a feral kitten as when he had his vaccinations, his skin was so tough she had to put the needle in a different place; also his ear is clipped, indicating that as well. He might have been a feral kitten once but definitely now he is very much a domestic fluffy cat!

We just want to say thank you to Eileen over in Wales for taking him in and letting us adopt him. He will be the most loved cat in the world by our daughter as she gets older. Our other 2 cats Pebbles and Cuddles have also decided he can become part of the pack, despite him being a boy!

Thanks again to everyone at Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue.

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