Playful Puffin & Attention Loving Ember

Playful Puffin & Attention Loving Ember
1 March 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

Puffin and Ember are now settling fine and are coming out of their shells. Although they are sisters, they are very different characters. Puffin is always the first to nosey around and is getting very playful, especially with a ball on some string. Ember is more sedate and prefers to be showered with attention, and will sit for hours being brushed.

They have both been outside and have use of a cat flap. so come and go as they please. They have also both got into the habit of sleeping on my bed for most of the night, only waking when they need a feed. Ember lets me know it’s time by sitting on my chest and looking into my eyes until I get up!

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