Saffie Gets Stuffed at Christmas

Saffie Gets Stuffed at Christmas
9 January 2009 Aime Cox-Tennant

Just thought that I would let you know how Saffie is getting on. I have attached a couple of photos so you can see how happy she is here. She’s had us running ourselves inside out over Christmas, but it’s been a pleasure.

She and Benson (our dog) are getting along well. Benson is used to having a cat around, so it wasn’t much of a transition for him, but he is very careful around her as she is so small.

He’s very patient with her, and when she has plonked herself on his bed, he doesn’t try to push her off, but rather gets on what little of the bed she’s left him, and they sleep together.

Saffie is putting on weight nicely, and had adapted really well to the food we’ve got her on. She’s on Whiskas dry food at the moment, with kitten milk morning and evening. For the first couple of days she stuffed herself silly, which I had expected, given the horrible start she had in life. But she’s levelled out nicely now.

We’ll get the New Year out of the way, and then pop her to our vet’s and get her registered and start on her vaccinations.

Then before she’s ready to start going out, we’ll have her spayed and micro-chipped. Thank you for suggesting her to us, she’s a real pleasure to have here.

It’s because of Tilly, our last cat who died just before Christmas, that we so wanted to give another cat/kitten a home. Saffie has lots of toys, and a lovely new bed, but what does she love to play with? One of Benson’s dry food biscuits!

They roll really well, and go like greased lightening! I’m so pleased that after her horrid start in life, that she is one of the ‘happy endings’.

Don’t underestimate what you do. You do such a wonderful job, and Saffie and kittens and cats like her, have a second chance of a happy ending because of what you do.

Many thanks and a Happy New Year. x

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