29 December 2009 Aime Cox-Tennant

We just thought we’d send you a quick email updating you on how Khaki (now called Jasper!) has settled in.

He was very nervous to start with, and spent the first few days under our bed, refusing to come out. He would only eat if we sat next to him on the kitchen floor!

His appetite is now very healthy, though, and he has gradually developed in confidence and trusts us a lot more – he waits behind the front door for us to come home from work every night, and greets us with a stretch and then flops onto his back, which is his request to have his tummy tickled!

He is something of a stealth cat; he is incredibly quiet and will appear out of nowhere – we have often woken up to find him sitting on the end of the bed and staring at us, without us even noticing his arrival.

He has now had his last vaccination at the vets and so will soon be allowed out – not that he seems that bothered though, as he’s quite happy spending his time following us around and seeing what food he can steal!

He loves the wooden floor in our lounge, as he spends hours chasing his toy mouse up and down it, meaning he skids along and crashes into everything – this just seems to add to the fun for him, though!

Thanks once again for your help with Jasper – he has certainly turned our house into a home, and has been the best decision we’ve ever made.

We’ve attached a few pictures for you to see how he’s getting on!

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