Gentle Momo (was Milly)

Gentle Momo (was Milly)
19 June 2013 Aime Cox-Tennant

It’s been about a year since we adopted Momo so this is a bit overdue but we wanted to say thank you for letting us adopt such a wonderful friend. Momo took a while to settle in as she is a sensitive, gentle soul but since she decided we were her people, she has been a loving, affectionate cat who follows you around for strokes and play.

Although she is still easily spooked, she loves venturing outside, as long as she’s still in sight of the door! This is helping her to lose her extra weight (though she’s still a large cat!). She is always there to welcome us noisily when we get home and demand attention. She sleeps curled up next to me every night, purring like an engine while I fall asleep! The difference she has made to our lives is incredible; she knows she’s the centre of our home and our attention and we just love her!

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