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  • Chicky & Fluffy


    Chicky and Fluffy are happy, snuggly, purring testaments to feline resourcefulness. They came over originally from Cyprus, and a kindly lady took them in, but sadly one of her two existing cats has refused to accept them despite her best efforts, so they’re looking for a new home together.
    They’re both about 1 ¼ years old, and probably from the same litter. Sadly something happened to cause Chicky to lose one of her eyes, and Fluffy to lose both of his, but once they’re familiar with their surroundings, you’d hardly know it, and their health and condition other than this seems to be absolutely fine.

    Fluffy is a big, confident, friendly chunk of a boy, whose two favourite things in the world beyond his sister are attention and food! For someone who can’t see, his ability to seek out his own and anyone else’s food is remarkable. Chicky is more wary at first, but only took a couple of days to settle in her foster home, and is now as loving and friendly as her brother. She adores a cuddle, and will bury her face in your shoulder and purr happily if you oblige. She sometimes acts as seeing-eye guide for her brother, so the two need to stay together.

    Because of their sight issues, they’ll need a safe indoor home where things tend to be in the same place all the time, so probably wouldn’t suit a home with young children and toys around all the time, and Fluffy in particular is inclined to find his way magically to your feet, so probably wouldn’t be suitable for anyone less stable on their pins. They were perfectly happy with the other cats in their previous home, so would be OK with a friendly existing cat, especially one that might like to play with Fluffy, who loves a playful wrestle! They’re untested with dogs, but are confident enough that a calm dog that doesn’t mind being bumped into should also be fine.

    Can anyone offer this fabulous pair the permanent home and love they’re looking for? Neutered, microchipped, first vaccination, 5 weeks’ free insurance, plus because they came from abroad they both have pet passports.

  • Tigger


    Delightful Tigger is looking for a purrmanent foster home near our lovely vets. So within reach of Vets4Pets Bishopston or Fernlea Kingswood….we pay his vet bill. You bring food, toys and love!
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

    What can we say about the delightful, special character that is Tigger? If we can get a word in edgeways, that is! He does love a good chin-wag, and will happily give you a running commentary on what he is up to.

    He’s terribly nosey, so will definitely need a safe outdoor space to explore, but equally adores company, so is unlikely to go far if his humans are about to snuggle with, chat to and purr at!

    12-year-old Tigger came to us with his brother Henry, both with health problems. Tigger’s main issue was hyperthyroidism, something that was apparent as soon as you set eyes on him (see his “before” picture). Happily, after a couple of months playing with dosage levels, he is now at a stable state with just a single tablet every day of his hyperthyroid medication. He had a slight heart murmur as well, but this has lessened now his HT is under control. He’s had a full dental too, so is now in search of his forever human staff.

    Tigger’s very confident, so should be OK with other pets, and school age children. He will need a home that is diligent in giving him his daily tablet – not difficult, as he’ll happily take it in pate or tucked inside a bit of chicken, or a section of his favourite chewy cat sticks.

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