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  • Coco & Cassie


    Coco (black cat) and Cassie (tortoiseshell) were both rescued and are fine with children, dogs, and other cats..except for the oldest existing cat. They have really taken against her for some reason and things are getting physical.

    So these lovely girls sadly need to find a new home either together or separately.

    Coco is 1 yr and is a cuddly lap cat who likes to drink from the tap! Tortie Cassie is about 5 yrs and was shy in the beginning, but now loves a lap too and likes to sleep on her special blanket. They need a garden away from busy roads, are neutered and come with 5 weeks free insurance.

    COCO has now been ADOPTED, and CASSIE is Reserved

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  • Randall & Adella

    5 month old brother and sister who are looking for their furever home together.
    Both can be a little shy when meeting new people but once they get to you know you they will be your best friends.

    Randall is a such a soppy boy who just wants fuss all the time and loves nothing more than sitting on a lap for cuddles. He does have some scarring on both his eyes due to deep ulcers when he was younger. He has near on full sight and to watch him play you would never know there was an issue, but as his eyesight isn’t as good in the dark he would need to be kept in overnight but definitely wants to go out.

    His sister Adella isn’t so much a lap cat  but is happy for a fuss and to sit next you for cuddles.

    Neutered and chipped and will be vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.

  • Dusty

    We found Dusty hiding under a hedge, scared and hungry. He has an old puncture wound to his eye which is fully healed and causes him no pain but means he has no sight in that eye. He has been here with his foster family for 5 months and in that time has been learning how to be picked up and handled, He was very flinchy and wouldn’t let anyone touch his head at first but he is improving all the time. (He loves having his belly rubbed and purrs like a train!) He is now a picture of health. He is a big boy and has a beautiful shiny coat like velvet.
    He is so loving and very vocal, we think he is only 1-2 years old. He is an incredible hunter and has already brought me a few presents! He loves to play! And he loves cuddles! He is very funny and a bit clumsy, he regularly falls off  things and bumps into furniture when playing, he doesn’t mind a bit, just picks himself up and carries on!
    Dusty needs a home with patient owners, preferably adult- only as, although he would never mean to hurt anyone he can be quite boisterous and has a serious set of claws! Ideally his new owners would have experience in cat ownership. He really benefits from a daily routine. He can be quite dominant and territorial with other cats.
    He suffers from mild asthma, this doesn’t affect him day to day, he doesn’t need any treatment or medication but he is very affected by cigarette smoke so his home would need to be a smoke-free one. He has been fully checked out including blood tests, x-rays and scans and he has a full clean bill of health apart from the mild asthma.
    Dusty is such a character, he is a complete one-off! He would make someone a fantastic pet, He really deserves a good home after a rough start in life.

    Dusty is neutered, chipped and vaccinated and comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

  • Chester & Willow

    Very friendly and playful 1 year old brother & sister who lived outside for the first 6 months of their lives but have adjusted well to life indoors. Both have lovely natures and are people orientated but are not used to being handled so will take time to settle in a new home. Would not suit very young children as they are still quite shy but are making good progress and enjoy being smoothed.

  • Jess


    Beautiful little panther Jess was a failed foster but her foster dad turned out to be allergic to her sadly so has to give her up.
    She’s quite an independent puss – she loves being outside and would need a garden away from busy roads – but she also loves a fuss and a chin scratch and sleeping on your lap or snuggled by your side.
    She’s 11 but plays like a kitten and is a happy little soul. She was stressed by other pets in her previous home so needs to be an only pet.
    She is a bit shy, to begin with, and isn’t crazy about being picked up so wouldn’t suit young children, unfortunately.
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

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