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Little Milo is a sweetheart deserving a very special home. He is gentle, playful and mischievous, always purring. He loves to lollop across furniture or share a warm bed with his human friends. You’ll find him purring away by himself on fluffy blankets. He is very energetic and, when he’s playing, he loves to bite everything – including human hands – although he’s gentle he’s best with older children only.
He wasn’t happy with the other cat in his previous home – he’s such a softy, he can get bullied- so he’d like to be the only pet now.
Milo is an incredibly vocal cat and has a wide range of meows. He loves to express himself and will purr along when you sing, though he’s not always in tune!
A message from his foster human: “Beautiful Milo deserves a home where someone can spend lots of time playing with him, giving him lots of love and attention. He is a gentle and sociable cat who would love to live with human(s) who respect his boundaries (he will bite your hand gently to let you know he wants space). Anybody would be so lucky to love him, he is a funny little cat with so much energy to bring to any household!”
18 months, neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

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