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    Marvelous Mia is a real sweetie and people-lover. She can't get enough cuddles and strokes; she will jump up into any hand that hasn't given her a scratch in the last 5 seconds, and will give a little chirp to remind you of your cuddling duties. She will even pass up Dreamies in preference for a good human hand scratch and nuzzle. She took a bit of time to settle in, and now is happy to sit on a lap and purr all day. She's timid by nature and was previously bullied by other cats, so we are looking for an adult only home, without any other pets, so this pampered puss can get all the attention she craves. She will still run and hide under the sofa when she hears a loud noise or if you leave the room, but she's slowly getting more confident. She has been running from one side of the flat to another, looking out the window at all the activity outside, so we think she'd love to go and have an explore. Are you ready to adopt a cat from Bristol & Wales Cat Rescue? Make sure you read our Adopt page and complete our Adoption Application form. [sf_button colour="accent" type="sf-icon-reveal" size="standard" link="/apply" target="_self" icon="fa-paw" dropshadow="no" rounded="yes" extraclass=""]Apply[/sf_button] Already passed the home check? Contact us if you’d like to adopt.

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