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    Crouton and Dubstep

    Meet Crouton and Dubstep 💜
    These two beautiful, quirkily-named brothers couldn't be more different if they tried but they've been a joy to share our house with.
    Crouton is a real gentle giant. Sensitive and kind he loves food above all else and will need an eye kept on him so he doesn't overeat either his own, his brother's or if you're not careful your food! He's confident with unfamiliar people, will put up with cuddles and is really content to hang out in your proximity or sometimes sprawled across you - you definitely know when he's lying on you!
    Dubstep is much smaller, rather squirrelly and definitely lacks confidence with people and new things. He's taken a long time to warm up to some members of our house and still spends most of his time in one bedroom. He is however extremely sweet, will curl up for extended strokes on a lap and can be very chatty when he wants some food! His long hair has a tendency to get matted so he needs fairly regular brushing which can be easier said than done but is normally achievable with a bit of patience. Surprisingly although he's much smaller and will get startled off his food he's happy to boss his brother around if they end up competing over dinner.
    They'd like to stay together in a quieter home with a garden away from busy roads.
    Crouton has recently had a dental and Dubstep has a heart murmur - his pro BNP blood test was negative which means it's benign and should never cause any issues.
    6 yrs old, neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.

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