Bramble (was Alice)

Bramble (was Alice)
7 January 2010 Aime Cox-Tennant

Just to update you on the absolutely wonderful Alice, one of the 4 Twilight Kittens, now called Bramble. She has completely settled in to family life with myself, my 2 children and Daisy the rescue kitten we rehomed from you back in September.

After an initial spat on the first day with Daisy and a few weeks of a dodgy tummy, she is now really well and is as big as Daisy.

Bramble is exceptionally vocal, affectionate and has such an enormous purr for a small animal. She adores company, thinks she is a person and follows Daisy round like a little shadow. They do just about everything together and are inseparable.

At the moment she has not ventured up the Xmas tree (unlike Daisy) but has got up to all sorts of mischief as befitting a little live-wire like herself and particularly enjoyed Xmas dinner.

I have attached a photo of her helping my daughter with her homework and one of her with her bestest buddy!

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