Cuddly Wilbur & Crazy Pablo (were Billy & Bobby)

Cuddly Wilbur & Crazy Pablo (were Billy & Bobby)
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

We had a tough choice when we visited BWCR to pick some new cats. We met 2 pairs, the first pair were very friendly after a few minutes, while the other pair were frozen with fear, with one getting wedged down the side of Margaret’s sideboard in a bid to escape!

We picked the terrified pair; father and son who we named Wilbur (after the pig in Charlotte’s web as he has a piggy looking nose) and Pablo (who looks as though he has dipped his tail in a paint pot). Wilbur promptly disappeared behind the sofa and we barely saw him for 3 weeks, while Pablo was slightly braver but still not entirely sure of things for a while.

Jump forward 6 months, and Wilbur is now a loving lap cat. He loves to jump up with his paws on your legs and nuzzle your hand for attention or a treat. Pablo is the crazy one who keeps getting into scrapes – he recently had to be rescued after falling off the bannister in the middle of the night and was found holding on with his front paws! They love to play together and spend a good period of each evening chasing each other round the house.

We had decided to get new cats after our previous 2 – respectable and sedate old ladies – had died. Having teenage boys is quite a shock but we wouldn’t swap them for the world!

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