Chatterbox Ned (was Ezra)

Chatterbox Ned (was Ezra)
7 November 2012 Aime Cox-Tennant

After a couple of worried days spent mainly under the sofa, Ned is now completely at ease in his new home.

He loves to play with screwed-up pieces of paper, anything that dangles, our laptops and the remote control! He’s also a real chatterbox and total softie who loves sitting on laps and being tickled, which has quickly earned him the nickname “Neddy Bear”!

Having already braved the trip to the vets for his first vaccinations – and he was indeed very brave – he’s back again in a week’s time for round two, but won’t be venturing outdoors until he’s been neutered.

We’re absolutely loving having a kitty in the house again after our sad loss of Neo last year and are delighted to have been able to adopt such a lovely and loving cat as Ned from Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue.

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