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  • Maggie

    Maggie is a really loving cat who'll wind her way between your legs at feeding time – her favourite times of the day (definitely food-orientated)! She'll also be sure to give you firm nudges to let you know that she wants to be stroked and will chat away to you about her day. She's white with tabby splodges – a gorgeous 11 year-old cat looking for a loving home with a garden (away from a busy road) to roam around in during the day, and a sofa to cuddle up on at night. Unfortunately, she was separated from her mother too early, so despite the fact that she's very loving, she can get carried away and give you lovebites! For this reason she's not suited for a house with young children. Whoever gives her a loving home will learn quickly how to read her body language and will become a deft hand at avoiding her nips – which are purely affectionate! She's spayed, chipped, vaccinated and comes with five weeks free insurance.

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