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Finding Forever Homes for Cats in Bristol and Wales

Hello, we’re Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue, a small and friendly group of volunteers dedicated to finding loving homes for cats and kittens in need.

We rescue, foster and rehome hundreds of cats every year across the South West and Wales, cats that have been badly treated, abandoned or just unwanted. Most of our pusses have no special requirements, and are waiting to spend an afternoon purring away on a comfy sofa.

We do things a little different around here. All of cats are fostered either in our own homes or in purpose-built, warm, secure pens in our gardens. We don’t have any sterile facilities, and we don’t put cats to sleep unless it’s the only option recommended by a vet.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing a cat or kitten find their forever home, which is why we accept adoptions from families with lots of different lifestyles and locations.

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Latest Cats Looking for Fur-ever Homes

  • New


    Betty was originally handed in as a stray to a vet in Newport with a mouth full of horrible teeth - 2 dentals later she's now raring to go!!
    "After she came to us as a stray, the vet has estimated that Betty is about 10, but Betty didn't get that memo! She regularly has the zoomies and loves to climb and chase pens, hairbands and useful bits of cardboard around the house (though she seems very unsure of actual cat toys!) Betty is chatty and very affectionate - she loves to snuggle on your chest and spend lots of time with you, as long as it is on her terms. At times she'll decide she's had enough and take a swipe, and is most definitely not a fan of going to the vet. She loves food and makes it very clear when she thinks it's time for dinner and can eat dry and wet food despite having had most of her teeth out. She'd probably prefer a reasonably gentle household with no other pets and older children only (who are cat-savvy!), with access to safe outdoor exploring."
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • New


    Smudge, a delightful 7-year-old girly, is on the hunt for a new home where she can embrace the joys of a quiet, outdoorsy life. She possesses an independent spirit and appreciates affection on her own terms. Smudge is content to loaf on your lap for hours, soaking up the warmth and companionship. While she may raise an eyebrow at excessive fuss, a gentle head tickle usually wins her over. Our adventurous Smudge yearns for outdoor exploration. Whether you have a tranquil garden or a peaceful backyard, Smudge will thrive. Just ensure it’s a hushed haven, far from bustling streets and noisy neighbours. Her dainty paws will tiptoe as she discovers her new territory. Smudge’s ideal abode is an adult-only haven, free from the chaos of children, other cats, or dogs. If you’re ready to welcome this charismatic lady into your home, fill out an enquiry form today! Neutered, chipped, and vaccinated, she also comes with 5 weeks of free insurance.
  • Arthur

    Shy guy looking for love 💜
    Arthur is a dapper gentleman, 11 years old and very affectionate when he gets to know you. He is quite an anxious cat and got stressed by children in his previous home and still tends to hide when he feels threatened.
    He is extremely gentle and loving when he is relaxed and loves his wet food. He is always looking for headbutts and face scratches and loves to play with a feather on a string in the evenings.
    He would appreciate a quiet garden away from busy roads to explore. I'm fact a quiet life all round!
    Arthur has previously had a heart murmur which has been attributed to stress, since having some quieter times our vets say this has greatly improved and is not a problem, but may need monitoring in future. He needs a home with no young children or other pets - he really doesn't like other cats!
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

Our Longest Foster Residents

  • Andy and Saint

    Andy and Saint were found as older kittens who hadn't had much contact with humans and they've been a bit of a project!
    They've lived with us for two months and it's been quite a journey. They really didn't want to know us for the first month but in the last few weeks have changed their minds about humans and really come out of their shells and love to hang out.
     Saint, the tortie, is the tamest one. She loves to sit on my lap on the sofa and enjoys a snuggle in bed, having a fuss made of her. She'll return the love with a very loud purr. Andy is much shyer, but he'll let you stoke him in return for a treat. I think with a bit more time he could be a lap cat but for the time-being he's happy to hang out at a distance.
    They absolutely adore each other so come as a pair. They would be suited to a more rural location because Andy is so timid and nervous and wouldn't be safe in a built-up area and because of this they wouldn't be good around children. As I have mentioned, it has been quite a journey with them and are still work in progress so their adopted parents would need to be around a lot and continue working with them.
    Every little milestone is so rewarding with shy cats - anyone up for a challenge?!
    10 months old, neutered,  chipped,  vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • Ash and Juniper – home from home Monmouth

    💥💥We have another urgent rehoming request...💥💥
    Ash and his sister Juniper are sadly losing their home mid December.
    They're 9 years old and sweet, gentle cats who love each other. One is very affectionate and "touchy feely" whereas the other is a little more timid. They'd like a quieter home as they've always been used to one careful, lady owner and they've just had their annual service and MOT which they passed with flying colours. They'd like a garden too, for a little potter and a sunbathe.
    Neutered, chipped, had first vaccination plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.
    They're currently still with their owner in Monmouth as we have no space.
  • Louie

    A special home needed for a special boy 💜
    Just before Louie turned 1 he was hit by a car and miraculously survived 25-30 skull fractures and multiple surgeries. Today Louie is a gentle healthy 6-year-old who is full of life, curiosity and love.
    One eye, no teeth and permanent "Tongue out Tuesday" candidacy just enhancing his cheeky personality!
    He often joins my work calls by climbing onto my lap wanting cuddles, winning my colleagues over while lovingly staring at me. He is just one big loving cuddlebug.
    Visitors we like as that means more attention and extra hands to give cuddles.
    Personal space does not exist in Louie’s world; he will have your pillow and be as close to you as possible.
    Louie loves to cuddle, sleep, play and explore. And food! He would love to help eating your food so you need to keep an eye on edibles as he can only eat pate or mousse type food as he's unable to chew.
    There's no hiding the fact - he is a messy eater! He has 3 meals a day and needs his face wiping each time otherwise he proceeds to groom himself and flick food everywhere.
    In his previous home he could come and go as he pleased through the cat flap, and did his business in the outside world. While in foster care he has been using a litter tray and he likes the litter tray to be clean so having two until he can go outside would probably be a good idea. He's a fastidious little man and likes to be clean, he just needs a little help now 🙂
    Louie needs a home that understands he needs a little extra help and the willingness to provide it. Adult-only and no other pets would be best to avoid him eating food he shouldn't and a garden away from busy roads as he's had more than enough of cars!
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance. He has no ongoing medical issues from his accident.

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All of the shop profits go towards to our increasing vet bills – from neutering, spaying, chipping and vaccinations to the complex needs of some of our more special residents. Our shop is crucial for our cats, and donations of sellable goods are always very warmly received.

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