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Finding Forever Homes for Cats in Bristol and Wales

Hello, we’re Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue, a small and friendly group of volunteers dedicated to finding loving homes for cats and kittens in need.

We rescue, foster and rehome hundreds of cats every year across the South West and Wales, cats that have been badly treated, abandoned or just unwanted. Most of our pusses have no special requirements, and are waiting to spend an afternoon purring away on a comfy sofa.

We do things a little different around here. All of cats are fostered either in our own homes or in purpose-built, warm, secure pens in our gardens. We don’t have any sterile facilities, and we don’t put cats to sleep unless it’s the only option recommended by a vet.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing a cat or kitten find their forever home, which is why we accept adoptions from families with lots of different lifestyles and locations.

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Latest Cats Looking for Fur-ever Homes

  • New


    Tuxedo Toby is a gorgeous, friendly ‘people’ cat – he loves his hoomans especially when they rub his tubby and snuggle him on the sofa. Dinner time is popular too!

    Although he’s 8 yrs old he still likes playing with toys and chasing feathers and will need a garden away from busy roads.
    He’s very tolerant of young children but he’s always been an only cat so it’s best he stays that way.
    He’s recently had a dental plus a blood test because he had a heart murmur – the blood test showed his murmur is benign and highly unlikely to cause any future issues.
    Neutered, chipped, had first vaccination plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

  • New

    Fluffy Ninja

    Fluffy Ninja is looking for cat-savvy owners!

    This gorgeous handsome dude is 4 in March but he has ‘issues’ unfortunately.
    His first home was filled with children who tormented him and parents who allowed it unfortunately.
    He was then given to a nice man who very sadly suffered a stroke and was unable to care for him properly.
    He came to us underweight and is still wolfing his food down in case he doesn’t get any more but that will settle. He had a lot of fur loss due to untreated flea allergy and was a very sorry sight – his lymph glands were swollen and he was feeling pretty lousy.
    He’s actually lovely and enjoys a fuss but is on high alert constantly – he can’t be homed with children or other pets as he immediately gets defensive and can lash out with misdirected aggression.
    He’s like a moody teenager- he likes things all his way and if you refuse he starts with the backchat – lots of grumbling and chattering and   ‘You’re mean – I hate you’ 😂
    A firm ‘no’ usually shuts him up!

    Basically he just needs time to settle and to know he’s safe – that no-one will ever hurt him again and that there will always be a next meal. Let him do things on his terms and he’ll be a wonderful little friend.  He’s bright and playful and desperate to go outside so definitely needs a garden away from busy roads plus not too many other cats around.
    He’s had a sad life so far and we want his next home to be just right for him.
    Neutered, chipped, had first vaccination plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

  • Jesse and Tinker

    JESSE and TINKER are six – seven month old boys who are ready for their own, special homes. They are lively, friendly older kittens. They can be rehomed separately or together. Both lads use a litter tray and are healthy, good-natured cats. Jesse and Tinker are being neutered shortly.
    These boys are with Eileen in Aberdare so please contact her direct on 07815056120

Our Longest Foster Residents

  • Fudge

    Very friendly spayed and chipped 16 year old female. Fudge is fit and healthy and likes her food and sleep but can be grumpy and strong willed. She would most likely be OK with other quiet animals.

  • Reuben

    Very friendly but very shy 5 year old neutered and chipped male. He loves a good fuss but is easily startled so will need a quieter home and to be able settle at his own pace. He is very good with other cats and would benefit from living with a more confident cat.

  • Jack & Joe

    Neutered and chipped father & son who have lived outside for most of their lives but have adjusted well to life indoors. Dad Jack (yellow eyes) is 6 years old and is quite confident and enjoys being stroked while son Joe (blue eyes) is 2 years old and is much shyer but both have lovely natures. Would not suit young children as Joe is so shy but is making good progress and is happy to be around people and is very close to his Dad. Both love their food so are easily won over at feeding time. They were part of a small group of cats and so are very good with other cats.

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Through our lovely donators and customers, our shop in Nailsea has become the biggest source of contributions for Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue.

All of the shop profits go towards to our increasing vet bills – from neutering, spaying, chipping and vaccinations to the complex needs of some of our more special residents. Our shop is crucial for our cats, and donations of sellable goods are always very warmly received.

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