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Finding Forever Homes for Cats in Bristol and Wales

Hello, we’re Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue, a small and friendly group of volunteers dedicated to finding loving homes for cats and kittens in need.

We rescue, foster and rehome hundreds of cats every year across the South West and Wales, cats that have been badly treated, abandoned or just unwanted. Most of our pusses have no special requirements, and are waiting to spend an afternoon purring away on a comfy sofa.

We do things a little different around here. All of cats are fostered either in our own homes or in purpose-built, warm, secure pens in our gardens. We don’t have any sterile facilities, and we don’t put cats to sleep unless it’s the only option recommended by a vet.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing a cat or kitten find their forever home, which is why we accept adoptions from families with lots of different lifestyles and locations.

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Latest Cats Looking for Fur-ever Homes

  • New


    Longterm foster needed for pedigree Burmese, Hunter. He's nearly 16 and in very early renal failure but should hopefully have a few years yet on a renal diet!
    He's very vocal and affectionate but he does have a cheeky streak. Once you know him you get to recognise the look in his eye when he's about to give you a little nip - he's very easy to read but needs an adult-only home with someone experienced in talking cat!
    He loves attention, is very bright and would like a garden to potter in though we doubt he'd go far. He's been well-loved and has a full service history but his owner sadly died and Hunter is missing being the centre of attention.
    He'll need regular check ups and BWCR are happy to pay for those at Fernlea vets in Kingswood or Hanham.
    Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
  • New

    Jake and Elwood

    Jake and Elwood came to their foster home fresh from the street at 12 weeks old, frightened and unsocialised. Their personalities immediately shone through despite this, with confident little Jake always sitting protectively in front of his timid brother, Elwood, and warding away "danger". Jake's defensive nature very quickly melted into kittenish curiosity as he learnt that head scratches actually feel quite nice, humans can be quite fun to play with, and Dreamies are the best thing in the world.
    Quiet Elwood has taken a few weeks to come around. He spent a while hiding, only coming out if the coast was clear so that he could have a rough and tumble with his brother! For this reason the two would be suited to a home without small children, and with understanding parents who have the patience to let him come out of his shell slowly. Once you've earned his trust he really is worth it, as long as he's approached gently he can't resist a stroke, and will wind around and around your legs purring his fuzzy head off!
    They need to be kept together as the company is good for both of them - Jake has a lot of energy and burns this off playing with Elwood, and Elwood has the confidence to be his kittenish self when Jake encourages him to come out for some fun."
    They'll need a garden away from busy roads and would be fine with other cats.
    About 4 months old, neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.
    If you're interested please mail us at [email protected].
  • New

    Frida and Fred

    Frida (b&w) and Baby Ferg are brother and sister to Mitsy and Tipsey and so are also around 4 months old. They too were full of fleas when they arrived and poor Baby Ferg had scratched himself to bits he was so uncomfortable, with no more fleas he is healing up nicely now. Baby Ferg is the most laid back of the kittens and happy to come over to foster mum for fuss. He loves to play with his toys or chase one of his siblings around. His sister Frida is the quietest of the siblings, she likes her cuddles but she likes to sit quietly away from the rough and tumble of the others and she purrs gently. She loves her toys but can be overshadowed by her more boisterous sister so has been matched with the most laidback brother to ensure she can get some attention. As with the other two, they are shy initially so will need a family with some time to settle them in and in a house with a nice safe garden when they are old enough to explore. Because they are shy they would be best with older children.  Both are neutered, chipped and vaccinated and come with 5 weeks free insurance. If you're interested please,mail us at [email protected].

Our Longest Foster Residents

  • Ace and Bella

    A special home is needed for Ace as he has a heart condition, most likely hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. At the moment he's on anticoagulants and will require regular vet checks and possibly further meds in years to come. Sadly this condition will shorten his lifespan. BWCR are happy to fund his meds and check ups at Fernlea vets in Kingswood or Hanham to ensure he gets the best possible care. Ace is a gentle mini panther, he likes the occasional cuddle (on his terms) and enjoys being around you. He is a purr box and his eyes are stunning! He also love a good belly rub! He is very good friends with Bella and they need to stay together. Little is known about his background but Ace would love a quiet home with a garden to explore. Bella is a bundle of mischief; she loves to play (particularly if the game involves a ball or feather) and she will explore everything she can! Bella is best friends with Ace so they must stay together. Please read the information on Ace as he has a heart condition. Bella would benefit from a quiet home with outside space to explore. She isn’t a lap cat but she likes to be in the same room as you and she will come up to you when she wants a stroke! On occasion Bella can get a bit over excited and try to play with your fingers. She is learning that fingers are not toys but for this reason she would be better with older rather than younger children.
  • Pixie

    Pixie came to us having just raised some kittens. She is so playful and a bit like a cat sized kitten.. She loves chasing her soft ball, the laser and anything that moves. She has even started to bring her softball back for me to play fetch. In the mornings she likes to wake me by pouncing on my feet and biting them, I think this is either a ploy to get me to feed her or she wants to play. Essentially she is treating me as 'One of the cats', which is sort of an honour but could be a bit a shock to the uninitiated. With a bit of non reaction and not giving her the opportunity I'm sure this can be trained out. She is due her second vaccination on the 6th of August Pixie also quite likes being picked up, but hasn't sat on my lap. She's difficult to judge, but think once she gets to know and trust her hooman will forge a strong bond and be cuddly.
  • Holly and Ivy

    Holly and Ivy are an adorable duo who aren’t related but have become the best of friends and love to chase each other round playing. Ivy was very timid and Holly took her under her wing and showed her the ropes and now these besties are inseparable. Ivy is still shy and will need time to settle in but both are affectionate little purrbags now. They'll need a quieter adult-only home with a garden away from busy roads and owners who can continue to build Ivy's trust. Holly is a confident girl so it shouldn't take too long! Both are 9-10 months old, neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance.

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