This is Wilma! A fluffy, soft little love bug who would make the perfect companion
She was found in a bush, very skinny with a mouth full of horrible teeth and abscesses. She spent 2 months in the local vet where they tried to find an owner and kindly did her dental at their own expense.
Wilma has a short wishlist when it comes to her new home:
1. Food glorious food
2. A couple of grooms with a cat brush every day
3. A never ending expectation of head rubs and chin strokes
4. Grade A cat nip
Wilma is extremely affectionate and adores being around company. She absolutely loves having her head rubbed and has the softest tufts of hair around her chin which makes stroking time extremely therapeutic for her and you – this has led to her and her foster mum ending up having a few unscheduled cat naps during the day.
She is very proud of her appearance and prides herself in keeping herself fluffy and soft, ready for strokes. She will stand like a show dog purring loudly when she is groomed with a brush.
Wilma is very playful and loves ripping apart toy mice – she turns into a little lion. She’s not the most elegant kitty when she’s playful – it’s as though she has 4 left paws.
You wouldn’t think Wilma was 12. She’s energetic but very chilled at the same time and nothing seems to phase her.
Likes to chill outside in the sun so a safe little garden would suit her as she doesn’t have the appetite to venture far.
Because she loves company she wouldn’t be happy if she were left alone for long periods of time.
We dont know much of her past experience so don’t know if she’s lived with children; older ones who respect her boundaries may be ok but would need to be a quiet home and be the only cat. She’s definitely not keen on dogs!
Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.

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