Twinkle twinkle..not so little star ✨️

Twinkle is a lovely 4 year old girl who is a total purr machine. She likes to be fussed and will give you a vigorous head bump when she wants some affection. Whilst not a lap cat, she will happily snuggle up beside you on the sofa. She spends most of the day snoozing in a warm spot to build up her energy for hunting her toys in the evening.

Sadly, Twinkle came into foster because her previous owners took her to the vets reporting that she was aggressive and wanting her put to sleep. Fortunately the vets quickly realised this wasn’t at all the case and she has been living happily with fosterers for a while. She was just scared and it’s likely she was unhappy around young children so would be best suited an adult only home (or maybe older teens).

She can get overstimulated when playing and has given us a few gentle nips and scrapes, but certainly nothing to indicate she is aggressive. She will also deploy a not-so-fierce hiss when she‘s nervous or gets confused, but it will quickly turn into a rumbling purr when she realises she’s safe!

She’d like to be the only pet and loved spending time in her catio so would enjoy a garden away from busy roads.

Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance l.

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