Tiny Tink 💜

“Oh my god we have fallen in love with Tink and whoever adopts her is so lucky to have this precious little cat in their life. Tink is around 9 months old and is sweet, intelligent, and playful; our current favourite game is playing fetch with scrunched up paper. Tink is the perfect balance between being independent and liking human company. She likes affection but knows how to communicate her boundaries; sometimes preferring to just sit in our company rather than being the centre of attention.
Tink loves to check in on everyone in the house, chirping like a bird when she’s excited to see us. She is very curious and likes meeting new people. Living with other cats could be an option as she can sometimes get bored and lonely on her own and seems to be intrigued and not aggressive towards other cats. This bewitching black cat would make a perfect familiar for people that need a fun presence in their life.”
Tink needs a garden away from busy roads and she’d be fine with children.

Neutered , chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.
Tink did have a heart murmur detected and went to Langford for a heart scan but she was a little Madam and wouldn’t keep still enough for them to do it 🙄 – however, when their cardiologist listened to her heart there was no sign of a murmur!

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