Tiggy is a small one year-old female silver-tabby with lovely markings.

She is gentle but also young and playful, so she will need your attention and some entertainment. She loves chasing balls and small toys.

She has a quiet chirrup rather than a meow, which she makes when she is greeting you. She loves her food and will scramble into the food box when you are heading that way, and then you might hear a yowl of impatience. This enthusiasm for food and her small size suggest that she didn’t get fed properly in a previous life. This might settle as she becomes more confident that food is definitely coming!

She will sometimes sit on your lap, but is more often found sitting adjacent or close-by. She does seem to like company but is equally happy in another room quietly snoozing on a cushion, especially in the sun.

She is accepting of gentle strokes and likes being rubbed under the chin, but often just wants to wind around your legs rather than be petted.

She doesn’t mind being picked up gently but she won’t be told what to do, so if you place her on your lap she is just as likely to immediately get off again!

She would be ideal in a home with older children and adults, with people who have time to engage with her, but are also able to respect her boundaries and allow her peace and quiet when she chooses.

She is showing interest in going outside, so a safe garden would be ideal.

Tiggy is neutered and microchipped but has not yet had her vaccinations. She will have to be kept indoors until this can be arranged.

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