Tigger the Toyger who is looking for a very specific home.

(We’ve never had a Toyger before and this breed is apparently a cross between a Bengal and a tabby moggy chosen specifically for their markings).

Tigger is 7 and a friendly, vocal boy as befitting the Bengal. He loves attention and would happily have his face and tummy tickled all day . But, also like the Bengal, he likes to be the boss and has become very dominant with the two other elderly cats sadly and really needs to be on his own as he just does not want to share his space at all.
He likes to go out in the garden and needs that open space for all that Bengal energy but he’s used to a cat-fenced safe garden and has zero road sense so.. . here’s the specific part – he really needs the same set up again to keep him safe or to be rehomed well away from any roads in a rural setting.

He’s become so stressed that he occasionally pees in the house (that should right itself once he’s an only puss with no others to dominate) and his owners have tried really hard to make it work:
“This is a very painful parting for us but we have tried all the usual Feliway and similar products and taken all the advice from our vet . He can go for weeks without peeing somewhere naughty and will then do it in about 2 or 3 places. He has also started to swipe at our girls.
We have had him for 5 years and took him in from people we knew, who said they didn’t have room for him in their small bungalow. He was fine for about 3 years. We can’t work out what has happened.”

So this move definitely needs to be his last one!
Neutered, chipped, vaccinated plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance. Tigger will be rehomed direct from his current owner to save him the stress of a move into foster.

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6 – 7 years

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