Tiddles and Tilly

Tiddles and Tilly

Tilly- black and white
A jumpy and anxious but very loving girl. She’s a very greedy hungry cat and will steal all the food she can from the cupboard!
She will sometimes hide away in the day time when she is getting to know you, but in the evening likes to sprawl across the carpet and perform for scratches and pats.
She likes to sit on your lap at night time and makes a lots of biscuits.

Tiddles- tabby boy
Tiddles is your shadow. He will follow you around anywhere and everywhere.
Always wanting to sit next to you and snuggle up at night with you on your lap. Barely ever meows!
He is an old boy so doesn’t move very fast but LOVES a treat or two.

These two have become close and cuddle up together in the day times snoozing. They fight for food and Tilly has been known to actively move the bowl away while Tiddles is eating.

Best for a home with no children or loud noises, and lots of time to give.

Tilly is 8
Tiddles tabby is 12
Both neutered chipped vaccinated plus come with 5 weeks free insurance. Plus Tilly has had a dental.

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