Tibbles has a sad story 💜
Her owner had no family or friends and she was his sole companion and he hers. When he sadly died her world was turned upside down and she was understandably scared and withdrawn. Another rescue recommended euthanasia but allowed us to take her instead and, slowly but surely, Tibbles is learning to love again. She definitely prefers men though as that’s all she’s ever known.

“Tibbles is a glorious mature lady of 11 who loves her independence and has her own way of doing things. She had one previous owner who was besotted with her but she has struggled to trust other humans since his death.
Ideally, she needs a calm quiet home with an enclosed garden, she loves to find a safe space in the bushes and in the sunshine and will come in when she is ready. She won’t give you lots back as a companion straight away but she’s definitely worth the wait and the warm, fuzzy feeling when you get that first purr.

Once she does settle, she will chat to you and roll around and make you feel very special but don’t expect her to come jumping onto your lap straight away as she needs to feel safe. She would be the perfect cat whether you are out at work or home all day as you wouldn’t need to worry about leaving her to do her own thing and she isn’t demanding at all.

As a fosterer I have given her the space to do her own thing in her safe space in the house. She started coming out at night and over time she came out earlier and earlier until she’d join me for breakfast in the morning.

Once she gets used to you she loves being stroked and purrs like crazy but will give you signals when she’s had enough.”
Neutered, chipped, had first vaccination plus comes with 5 weeks free insurance.


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